Pioneers in the making of textile heat, we provide high quality and reliable products, controlled and tested under strict safety standards that guarantee the confidence of our customers.


Thanks to our enthusiasm, our teamwork and our values, we want to delight all those who in the world love the quality of life through better comfort than the textile heat can offer, exalted by the best technologies, emotion and intellectual involvement that are born of the search for perfection in everything we do.


We want to be in the world, the benchmark of culture and excellence of the flexible heat. A company with extensive experience and international recognition that focuses more than ever on innovation, in order to propose the best products comfort for applying dry heat and, as a result, grow and remains the leader in high-end . In short, we want to continue working to improve the quality of life of our customers through our products.


Our core value is to seek the welfare of our customers, meaning the optimal state of physical and emotional balance.
The passion for excellence, understood as an appreciation for the quality of well done, and the commitment to the latest technology supported by an attractive and modern design, reaffirms us as experts.
Professional ethics, understood as the safe use and handling that deliver our products, transparency and proximity of our service, guarantee satisfaction of the people who place their trust in us and sustainability in the development and manufacture of our range, through respect for the environment.
We believe in the humility of our experience, trust in research and innovation as growth parameters, the commitment to the customer, the strength of our firm and the professional integrity of our team.